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Welcome. Seriously. We’d love to be having this chat with you face to face but thanks for finding our website. Whilst we’d always prefer to talk about you – and how we can help you – we guess you’re here because you want to know a bit about us first.

In short we are a small team of highly experienced marketers with a broad range of skills gathered from a number of world class organizations – Saatchi, TBWA, McCann, Levi Strauss and Yellow Pages.

We’ve fought our battles, won and lost a few wars, learnt from it and are still standing to tell the tale. Now we’re telling your stories, which we can do through any number of media channels.

So please spend a couple of minutes browsing and then pick up the phone (or complete the contact form) if you like what you read. We like meeting new people so we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Taking Serious Pictures at Vision Express

Vision Express asked us to help them produce a booklet detailing some of their brand standards. So we visited one of their flagship stores in Leeds to photograph their staff demonstrating how it should be done. We also filmed some scenes to be used in a hard-hitting...

Missile Range Photography

It's not every day that you get asked to take photos at a missile range which is used to test weapons and munitions for the military. Luckily we took our 4x4 as the location is in a steep valley on the border of England and Wales. The staff there were very helpful and...

Video Editing for Ember Inns

To celebrate the launch of Ember Inns new Pale Ale Stretch Marketing was asked to edit some footage & stills into a few short videos to be used online. The only caveat - it's required in 48 hours. So we raced to Birmingham, collected the movie clips and stills, then...

Back to school – for Scimitar Sports

Yesterday we were asked to do a photoshoot for Scimitar Sports as they prepare to launch an additional brand to their stable of sports brands. The shoot was ti take place at Solihull School - which is where Mark attended many years ago. Although a lot had changed...

Everybody Salsa!

We were asked to organise the Christmas event for the Vision Express Marketing Department. It needed to be somewhere special - and one of the aims was to help bring the department closer together. The venue we chose was the stunning Holme Pierrepoint Hall. We had been...

The Laundrymen – by Mark Stretch

When he's not busy working for Stretch, or taking photos, or filming, Mark has been writing a novel. He started it in 2012 (when he was left at home - alone). It's finished now - apart from some last minute editing. The Kindle version is available on 1st Jan 2016 on...