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Welcome. Seriously. We’d love to be having this chat with you face to face but thanks for finding our website. Whilst we’d always prefer to talk about you – and how we can help you – we guess you’re here because you want to know a bit about us first.

In short we are a small team of highly experienced marketers with a broad range of skills gathered from a number of world class organizations – Saatchi, TBWA, McCann, Levi Strauss and Yellow Pages.

We’ve fought our battles, won and lost a few wars, learnt from it and are still standing to tell the tale. Now we’re telling your stories, which we can do through any number of media channels.

So please spend a couple of minutes browsing and then pick up the phone (or complete the contact form) if you like what you read. We like meeting new people so we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Shiny New Client

We've recently completed some research for a new client. This client helps businesses from outside the UK to establish their products in the UK market. On this occasion we ran the focus groups looking at some new products from the makers of Wash & Go shampoo. We...

New Marston’s Menu

We're excited about the launch of the new Marston's 2 for 1 menu. This is going live this month. The new menu is a departure from previous 2 for 1 menus and was designed by the team at McCann's in Solihull. But most of the photography is by Stretch Marketing. We were...

Property Image Services Launched

We've had so many requests to photograph property for sellers and renters that we thought we'd set up a separate service offering property photography and videography (including from the air). Property photography itself is quite technical, but it also requires some...

Aerial Photography

Very soon, we will be able to offer aerial photography or videography to our ever-increasing list of services. Mark has recently attended the groundschool course (and passed the practical flying test) in order to obtain the PfCO (Permission to fly commercial...

It’s a Dog’s Dinner

This week, we've been working on new wording for dog food literature. (A few weeks ago we did something similar but for cat food - just to keep things balanced). This is at the same time as preparing research for a Far East tourist board, helping to research and...