Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

This is the creative thinking part – where doing your homework, creating ideas and finding competitive differentiation are the order of the day. Believe it or not, there’s a process to follow. It really makes the difference between success and failure.

Market Research

Do you really know your market? Whilst most businesses will claim to know theirs, the fact that nothing stands still for long means that many businesses are actually out of touch. Market research exists to guide your business decisions .. (read more)



Desk Research

If you wanted to find out the size of your market, do you know where to look? (Read more)

Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to skin a cat and sometimes it’s the less obvious route that proves the most successful…(Read more)

Qualitative Research Focus Groups

At Stretch we specialize in focus groups. Group discussion allows participants to share their stories and enables new ideas and suggestions to emerge… (Read more)

Marketing Plans

A Marketing Plan is the next stage in the strategic process..(Read more)

Marketing Communications

A Marketing Communications proposal usually comes out of a Marketing Plan… (Read more)