We were asked to organise an ‘away day’ for a major UK brand (a high street optical retailer). The brief was to organise a day not too far from the Head Office that included time for a team meeting, an ‘event’ that would help the team gel a bit more and an evening ‘do’ where the team could let their hair down.

We found a great venue (which we visited in advance to smooth out any issues in advance) then invited Tom Morley of Instant Teamwork to run one of his excellent ‘bonding through music’ sessions.

The team arrived in the morning and within minutes were playing African drums (in time), creating their own rhythms, dancing and singing together – all before lunch!

The business part meeting took place in the afternoon. The evening session was on board a river cruiser complete with buffet, disco and more dancing. We’d like to think that the team were just a little bit more of a team at the end of the day.